About Me

Hello there,

My name is Chelsea Bones! There are monsters that live in my brain, and it is here where you will find them.

WAIT! Before you get too freaked out let me just explain:

We live in a world where things considered "scary" should be avoided. I myself have always found the creepy to be quite cozy. 

Bonesie's Monsters was created January 2020 (By me! I'm Bonesie, lovely to meet you!) to interpret my version of the quirky macabre. 

Here you will find all items that you're going to fearfully love, or is it love to fear?Nonetheless, these finds include art prints, canvas decor, apparel and mor(gu)e; all brightly colored, all darkly themed.

I've also curated Demon Decades as a way to express my love of fashion and classic films in a dark way! 

Every Item is painted to petrify by me in the Hudson Valley of New York! I curate all of the monsters and creations on my own, while listening to drag queen podcasts and Vincent Price monologues.

My illustrations are created to evoke emotion, make bold statements, and attract the outsider.

Now that you have an understanding, do come and visit my Monsters they're really quite frightening!